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Drop In on Host Karen Sealy's Party for New Show Summer Home! Jun 3, 2011 - 12:18 PM EST Summer Home is a fresh new series that transforms dark, dingy and dated cottages into relaxing, peaceful retreats. It's kinda like your fave summer movie -- friends, laughs, sunny lake vistas and a picturesque setting -- but with a makeover! You can join Karen's special screening party of the premiere by following our live blog that we'll be holding from Karen's studio.
Income Property, Episode 11 &12, with Scott McGillivray! May 16, 2011 Episode 11: "Chris & Haelee" Chris and Haelee lost a great tenant when a flood forced them to gut the basement apartment in their home. They need to re-construct the apartment and rent it out in order to get back on track with their long-term plans, which include, renting the whole house out and buying the home of their dreams. Episode 12: "Rachael & Steve" Rachael and Steve are carrying a big mortgage and debt after Rachael has taken maternity leave with their two children. It’s been months since Steve has done any work on finishing their basement apartment. Their high monthly payments and reduced income are making the financial situation completely unmanageable.
Selling New York, Episode 12: "Eye of the Beholder" with Core CEO, Shaun Osher! Nov 24, 2010 Core CEO Shaun Osher puts his company's reputation on the line by convincing a top developer that he can turn around a project's stagnant sales in record time. And top broker Michele Kleier tries to find a happy medium between a successful hair stylist and his dogmatic wife when the two have dramatically different visions of what they should buy.
9pm ET: Selling New York Season Finale with the Kleier Agents! Dec 1, 2010 "Glamour and High Business" : Broker Michele Kleier lands a $25-million-plus listing at a Manhattan landmark and hosts a chic cocktail party in order to generate buyer interest. And a new Core agent asks seasoned pro Kirk Rundhaug to help him land a high-profile customer with a desire to buy a new property and a listing worth over $20-million.
9:30pm ET: The Property Shop Season Finale with Tatiana! Dec 1, 2010 "Here We Grow Again" : With new agents joining The Property Shop daily and the launch of a marketing campaign, it’s time for Tatiana to open a second office to keep up with her growing business. Things keep getting better when she’s offered two properties to co-list. One is a $1.6 million-dollar mansion handed to her from a new agent and the other is from her first Property Shop agent, Mikey! But bad news arrives that could put all her plans in jeopardy.
9pm ET: Income Property Season Finale with Scott McGillivray! Nov 29, 2010 "Matt & Lisa": Lisa and Matt need Scott’s help to renovate their main floor apartment to allow Lisa’s disabled brother comfortable visits as well as appeal to month-to-month executive renters to generate untapped income.
9:30 pm ET: Property Virgins Season Finale with Sandra Rinomato! Nov 29, 2010 "Barbara & Erik": Tired of living in their tiny rental, Barbara and Erik want to buy a move-in ready dream home in their favorite Oceanside neighborhood. They’d like to stay in über-exclusive La Jolla. But can they find an affordable property that fits their needs and budget?
Selling New York, Episode 11: "The Push" with Core CEO, Shaun Osher! Nov 17, 2010 Agent Sabrina Kleier Morgenstern tries to help an expecting couple find an apartment before their baby arrives. Meanwhile, Core CEO Shaun Osher feels the pressure to get a critical number of units sold at a luxury Fifth Avenue development, to keep the project afloat.
Selling New York, Episode 10: "Property Hunters", with Sabrina and Samantha Kleier! Nov 10, 2010 Agent John Gomes hunts for a Brooklyn Brownstone that'll meet an investment group's profit expectations. And Samantha Kleier Forbes tries to convince a close friend that she should stop wasting her money by renting and, instead, buy a weekend home in her favorite Hamptons spot.
Selling New York, Episode 9: "Managing Expectations" , with CORE Agent Maggie Kent! Nov 3, 2010 Agent Maggie Kent deals with a stubborn seller whose emotional tie to her property stands in the way of getting it sold. Broker Laurel Rosenbluth tries to teach a buyer with a mile-long wish-list that, sometimes, finding the right property is about compromise ? even when your budget is $2.5-million. And, when a first-time buyer gets cold feet over a deal that's about to close, Sabrina Kleier Morgenstern must show him that his first choice was, and is, the best choice.
Selling New York, Episode 5: "Educated Decisions" Oct 6, 2010 "Two Gumley Haft Kleier agents search for a luxury rental unit for an investor with no budget limit, while their colleague fights to keep an overseas client from being poached by a competitor. A classic car dealer asks Core to help him make a decision about whether to buy or build with his $3-million budget. "
Selling New York, Episode 6: "All In the Family", with the Kleiers! Oct 13, 2010 Broker Samantha Kleier calls her mom for help when a rich client's demand interrupts a rare day off. And agent Laurel Rosenbluth tries to help her daughter determine if city life in the Big Apple still measures-up to white picket fences and country living in Connecticut.
Selling New York, Episode 4: "Cooking Up a Real Estate Deal" Sep 29, 2010 In a bid to make a wealthy client happy, broker Michele Kleier and her daughter Samantha drive to Connecticut o find the perfect multimillion dollar retreat. Meanwhile, agent Tom Postilio risks loosing out on a deal in his attempt to educate a stubborn client about the current buyers' market.
Selling New York, Episode 3: Setting the Stage Sep 29, 2010 Agent Samantha Kleier Forbes works with an outrageous fashion designer to find a $15,000 a month live/work rental that's as fabulous as he is. Her sister Sabrina tries to persuade a practical, and unimaginative, lawyer to buy, by taking her to a new building's decadent Designer Showcase. And agent Kirk Rundhaug calls in a high-end designer to stage a $5-million dollar Chelsea penthouse, helping him net an all-cash sale.
Selling New York, Episode 2: Time Is Money! With Agent Maggie Kent, of CORE Sep 15, 2010 Convinced a fashion photographer's gorgeous six million dollar loft is overpriced, agent Maggie Kent tries to convince her client to lower the asking price by more than a million dollars. Meanwhile, a successful author wants to find the perfect two million dollar apartment before leaving the country in two days. Among the beautiful properties is Annie Leibovitz's former home? but will there be enough time for her agent to close a deal?
Selling New York Premiere with the Agents from Gumley Haft Kleier: Michele and Daughters Sabrina and Samantha. Sep 8, 2010 After a wealthy NYC couple gets a divorce, veteran broker Michele Kleier and her family rush to schedule a last minute photo shoot and open house to sell their lush Park Avenue apartment. Downtown, broker John Gomes schmoozes a potential buyer by taking her to Fashion Week, while planning a hip cocktail party at the site of a new property listing. One event pays off right away!

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